Fabrizio Fanini

“Between Tupino, and the wave, that falls from blest Ubaldo’s chosen hill …”

I was born in Assisi, and without doubt this has influenced my whole life, my very being, my history and…my music.

The spirituality that unfolds around every corner, the soft line of the hills, the Middle Ages, with its walls and its castles, its rites, the wheat fields, are always there for me to gaze upon.

Even when I try to fill the abyss in my heart by pushing myself to go elsewhere, to distant countries of my dreams, between the skyscrapers of New York or in a temple in Kyoto, in the fine sand of the Sahara or in the outskirts of Rome, I always think of my land; it’s not nostalgia, it’s a growing awareness, day after day, of having received the grace to be born surrounded by Beauty, which you only begin to recognize when you’re away.

So, after much wandering about, I’ve come back to live here, and my music is nourished by all these nuances. I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Oscar award winner, Nicola Piovani, in the Basilica of St. Francis. Then again in the presence of Pope Francis during his first visit to the city.
And I shot my first video “My Little Prince” published by CandyRat Records in the wheat fields below the city. Amid the many concerts, competitions, festivals. One walks away with a serene heart, aware that there is a land that embraces you, comforts you, heals you.

“Upon that side, where it doth break its steepness most, arose a sun upon the world, as duly this from Ganges doth. ”

Dante – Paradise Canto XI


Fabrizio Fanini, an Italian guitarist and composer, was born in Assisi, Italy in 1978.

In 2000 he graduated in classical guitar from the G. Briccialdi Institute for Musical Studies in Terni, Italy.

In 2004 he graduated in Modern Literature with a thesis on the history of music from the Department of Humanities, Ancient and Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures of the University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy.

Over the years he has performed in various situations as a soloist or in orchestras at various festivals in Italy and abroad (Japan, USA).

In 2008 he co-authored the first single with the Italian singer Annalisa Baldi from X Factor, “Ballo da Sola”.

In 2010 he started his career as a soloist.

In 2013 he played in Assisi in the presence of Pope Francis, during his historic visit to the city.

In 2015 he was a finalist in the competition for emerging guitarists at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy.

In June of the same year he placed second in the competition for emerging guitarists at the International Guitar Rendez-vous in Conegliano, Italy, organized by the Atkins-Dadi Guitar Players Association (Adgpa) of Italy.

In September of 2015 he was guitarist for the Perugia Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Nicola Piovani (Oscar for the soundtrack of the film “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni) for a concert held at the Upper Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi.

In 2016 Candyrat Records released his original composition entitled “My Little Prince”.

In October of the same year he played for Taylor Guitars at Cremona Mondomusica.

In July 2017 the new album “Jerusalem” is finally available in all digital stores.

In the same month he played at the prestigious guitar festival “Un Paese a Sei Corde” at the Orta Lake in Italy.

In October 2019 he recorded the new album by Frate Alessandro, published by the label Encore Jazz, with Manuel Magrini on the piano and Javier Girotto on the saxophone.



Acoustic Guitar Santa Cruz Sitka Spruce/Indian Rosewood

Semi-Acoustic Guitar Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

  Classic Guitar Cipriani Cedar/Rosewood

Classic Guitar Ballabio Spruce/Cypress

Ampli Fishman Loudbox

Preamp/DI VDL Analogics


OCTOBER 07th 2016 | Oktoberfest alla Gargotta – Bastia Umbra (PG)
OCTOBER 16th 2016 | Memorial Metelli – Bevagna (PG)
OCTOBER 23rd 2016 | Palazzo Bernabei – Assisi
OCTOBER 24th 2016 | Giò Jazz Hotel – Perugia